Pet Painting Design Options

*Prices advertised are for single pet paintings. $20 for each additional pet. Up to 4 pets total.*

Original Design 

Pitbull Original PictureHyperrealism  Pitbull Dog Painting

The original pet painting design will be the entire picture hand painted as is or with a solid color background. Likewise if you like the picture as it is but maybe there is an object in the picture that you would like removed, we can do that as well just let us know. We may also suggest options once we see your pet picture.

Custom Design

Original dog pictureCustom dog painting

The custom pet painting design option is for those who would like something added or removed from the painting or a custom background. In the golden retriever painting shown above we added flowers that were in another picture of the same dog. The custom design can also have something specific added to the painting, maybe a poem or sentimental script. If you have something in mind or need help just let us know.

Having trouble choosing the best design option? 

Regardless of what your are looking for, we are more then happy to discuss any options or design concerns you may have.

If you have questions before making a decision, please contact us and our lead designer will get back to you within 48 hours.